Apple VR headset equipped with OLED displays and M1 chip will launch this year

A new report by ETNews claims that the rumored Apple VR headset will launch as early as this year. The new VR (virtual reality) headset will be equipped with OLED displays produced by Apple’s long-term silicon partner ‘Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’ (TSMC). 

Apple VR headset

Apple VR headset completes performance testing for a 2022 debut 

Previously, it was reported that the launch of the Apple VR headset or mixed reality (AR/VR) headset has been pushed to 2023 because of overheating issues, along with problems related to the VR headset’s software and cameras. However, the new report refutes claims of delay and speculates that the debut of the VR headset means that the device has cleared performance testing. TrendForce also claimed that Apple will launch its first VR headset with up to 14.9 million units this year. 

The parts industry expects Apple to release a virtual reality (VR) headset terminal for the metaverse market as early as this year. It was understood that the performance test for VR headset production has been recently completed.

ETNews also corroborates that the Apple VR headset will be equipped with multiple (three) OLED displays provided by TSMC, and M1 Apple Silicon.

Apple VR devices are equipped with micro organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. Apple cooperated with Taiwan’s TSMC with developing OLED displays for VR devices. Micro OLED displays do not require color filters since OLEDs are deposited directly on the chip wafer. Micro OLED is smaller, thinner, and more efficient. The VR headset application processor (AP) will be applied with M1 Chip, which is Apple’s self-developed system-on-chip, and the operating system (OS) will be running iOS.

Apple VR headset

Although it is reported that the alleged VR headset will run on iOS, a reference of realityOS was found in App Store upload logs and open source code on Github.

With an estimated 80% annual growth, other manufacturers like Samsung, Meta, and Mircosoft are also striking unlikely partnerships to capture the bigger share of the emerging industry, just like Apple. 

An official from the parts industry said, “The metaverse device market is expected to grow at a annual rate of 80%, and emerge as a new market following smartphones. The parts and equipment industry is also risking everything to become a partner.”

Based on reports, the new Apple VR headset is expected to be lightweight and will feature are Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses and OLED displays with 3,000 PPI, advanced hand gesture detectioneye trackingiris recognition, voice control, skin detection, facial expression detection, and spatial detection. And might cost several thousand dollars.

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