Apple to invest $330 million in new Taiwanese factory to manufacture MicroLED and Mini-LED displays

A report from China claims that Apple is planning to invest a hefty amount of $330 million in a new Taiwanese factory at Hsinchu Science Park. This factory is reportedly going to manufacture MicroLED and Mini-LED displays for most of Apple’s products in future. The alleged technology is expected to be officially announced in 2021.

Earlier this year, veteran tech analyst, Ming Chi Kuo reported that Apple was planning to introduce mini-LED displays in its upcoming products: iPad Mini, 14.1-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and 27-inch iMac Pro. Although, reports gave a late 2020 release time frame for the display technology, manufacturing disruptions and possible delays due to COVID-19 pandemic might push the release date further ahead to early 2021.

The report states:

Like OLED, micro-LED is self-luminous. However, compared with OLED, micro-LED can support a higher brightness, higher dynamic range, and wider color gamut, all the while achieving a faster update rate, wider viewing angle, and lower power consumption, all qualities favored by Apple.

Mini-LED and MicroLED Displays

Mini-LED display technology offers higher brightness and deeper contrasts. Currently, the LCD panels used by Apple use light-emitting diodes (LEDS) to light up the display. Mini-LEDs are smaller diodes that are less than 0.2mm in size. It is rumored that the brightness of this display can go up to 4000 nits as compared to the 625 nits of brightness that Apple’s current flagship iPhone 11.

iPad MicroLED

MicroLED display pixels can be switched on and off like OLED displays, but they have higher brightness provide better contrast, dynamic range and response time. Another benefit to note is that using MicroLED would provide a better user experience without burn-in issues that happen with OLED displays.

Reports of Apple pushing other manufacturers to ramp-up iPad LCD manufacturing due to increased demand are also circulating in the industry. Concluding that in spite of COVID-19 pandemic hurdle, the company sales are not adversely affected.

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