Apple to release iPhone 12 with iPad Pro-like design & smaller HomePod

The latest update on Apple’s alleged new products releasing this year is that the company will launch four new iPhone models, and a redesigned exterior for the successor to iPhone 11 Pro series. All new models of iPhone 12 would have faster A14 processors and 5G network support. According to sources familiar with the products, Apple is also working on a smaller mid-range version of HomePod speaker, and a tracking device call Apple Tags which will help users find objects like purse, key or pen.

The reports details that Apple will release two new lower cost iPhone 12 models with flat displays, which will look much like iPhone 5’s design but without the sloping edges. They will have two rear cameras like iPhone 11.

iPhone 12

These new cheaper variants will along with higher-end and redesigned iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max successors. Both high-end models will have flat stainless steel edges, and like the 2018 iPad Pro, will have sharply rounded edges with three rear cameras. In addition, all the new iPhone models will have a new faster A14 processors for better AI and AR support.

To distinguish between the two pricey models, iPhone 12 Pro Max might have a slightly larger display than the 6.5 inch screen on the current iPhone 11 Pro Max. According to anonymous sources working on the model, the company wishes to reduce the size of the notch and is working on getting rid of the front camera and Face ID sensors cutout. It is also expected that the new iPhone 12 Pro Max will have 3D LIDAR system to support AR functionality, which was recently included in the 2020 iPad Pro.

The new smaller and cheaper speaker will look and function like the current HomePod. The new smaller HomePod will help the company compete with affordable speakers in the market by Google and Amazon. To improve sales and functionality of the original HomePod, Apple has reportedly hired a new team for better Siri support and in future, plans to introduce additional music services via the device.

Apple is also planning to finally announced its much rumored Tags. Apple Tags will be bundled with custom leather sleeves and a keychain, to attached it to objects. Besides the design, nothing is else is know about the price of the tags, to compare how they will sell when compared to existing tracking products like Tile.

As June is coming closer, the amount of news on new devices reconfirming previous claims is surging. This phenomena is customary before Apple’s WWDC events every year, but this year the situation is very different. Lockdowns and isolation around the world due to COVID-19 pandemic has allegedly slowed down the production process. Manufacturers in China, and Apple itself, retracted their sales forecast for the quarter ending in March. Having said that, Apple has not made any official comments or indicated any delays in the release of the upcoming products to the suppliers and internally. So we can assume that the release date of aforementioned new products is as scheduled, around September/October this year.

via Bloomberg

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