$3500 Apple Vision Pro faces production cuts due to design, not demand

Reportedly, the Cupertino tech giant has made major cuts to the production forecast for Apple Vision Pro because of its design. 

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Announced at WWDC 2023 last month, Apple Vision Pro is the first-generation spatial computer that combines virtual reality and augmented reality tech. Powered by M2 and new R1 dual-processors, the headset is equipped with 2 micro-OLED displays, 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones to deliver a uniquely immersive experience like never before.

More impressively, Apple Vision Pro features a revolutionary 3D user interface with a new innovative input system that is controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. As the headset will be available for a $3500 premium price, it is mainly aimed at professionals. 

Apple has reduced its units because of production challenges, not over fear of low demand.

Apple vision pro

Apple Vision Pro production forecast cut from 1 million units in 2024 due to production issues

Financial Times new report states that Apple is not happy with the quality of mico-LED displays and the curved lenticular lens used in Vision Pro provided by unknown suppliers. Therefore, the tech giant plans to mass produce less than 400,000 units in the first year according to sources close to the Apple and Luxshare responsible for the headset’s assembly.

Apple Vision Pro

Furthermore, two of the company’s Chinese suppliers claimed that they were asked for parts for 130,000 to 150,000 units in 2024.

As Apple has aimed to mass produce one million units of Apple Vision Pro, the company has cut down its production forecast by more than 50%.

“Both projections imply a significant cut to production from an earlier, internal sales target of 1mn units in the first 12 months. The forecasts for low volumes reflect Apple’s lack of confidence in being able to scale production, according to analysts and industry experts, following years of missed deadlines in launching the device.

It is also reported that Apple has pushed back the launch of its affordable second-generation AR/VR headset as it is insisting on using the more expensive and troublesome micro-LED tech in the non-Pro version too instead of the mini-LED to keep the price low.

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