Is Apple’s Vision Pro worth the risk? A look at user discomfort and health concerns

Apple’s Vision Pro, a revolutionary mixed-reality headset, has grabbed headlines for its immersive capabilities. However, alongside the excitement, user reports and expert opinions raise concerns about potential health issues.

This article dives into the reported discomfort, user experiences, and expert insights to help you understand the potential downsides of using the Vision Pro.

Vision Pro

New report details how Vision Pro causes headaches, neck strain and more

Several Vision Pro users have reported experiencing physical discomfort, ranging from headaches to neck strains and even facial distress. Emily Olman, Chief Marketing Officer at Hopscotch Interactive, described developing “super dark black eyes” after her first use of the device. She attributed this discomfort to the pressure exerted by the headset on her cheeks. Ian Beacraft, CEO of Signal, also echoed similar discomforts, experiencing pain in his upper back and the base of his skull after extended use.

User interactions on platforms like Reddit further corroborate these reports, with individuals sharing experiences of headaches, eye strain, and discomfort related to the headset’s weight and fit. Despite some users finding relief with alternative sizing straps or aftermarket accessories, others continue to face challenges with stock headband options. From u/Noideablah on Reddit:

I have been loving this device since picking it up friday, but after a 40 minute session with it tonight, the pain caused by the weight/pressure had become unbearable. I have been searching for a serious answer on this, but its more difficult than i anticipated. Can anyone say confidently or not if the discomfort and/or pain of wearing a headset of this weight/size gets somewhat more ‘tolerable’ over time?

I really dont want to have to return it, but if I am unable to keep it on with either band/strap for the length of a single movie/show longer than 1 hour, which is what apple has been marketing the hell out of, i dont know if i’d want to keep this. For 3500 i really wanted to use it more than 30-40 minutes at a time.

Vision Pro

Apple has yet to comment on these reports officially. However, its guidelines recommend taking regular breaks during usage, especially for new users, and discontinuing use immediately if any pain, headache, or eye strain is felt. Apple also recommends proper fitting using the correct seal and headband, suggesting the use of contacts or optical inserts instead of glasses for a better experience.

Experts caution against prolonged usage of any VR headset, including the Vision Pro, as it may lead to temporary discomfort or “simulator sickness.” Dr. Zuhaib Ibrahim, a plastic surgeon, advises taking breaks during extended VR sessions to avoid potential health issues.

While some users have faced discomfort, others praise the Vision Pro for its immersive experience and advanced features. Despite these health concerns, positive reviews from tech experts and consumers highlight its potential.

Have you encountered any health issues while using the Apple Vision Pro? We invite you to share your experiences and insights in the comments below.

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