Apple warns that camera covers can cause display problems in MacBooks

Earlier this month, Apple published a support document warning its customers against closing their MacBooks camera covers. The document states that doing so can lead to a damaged display on the MacBook.

Users are becoming very concerned about data privacy and laptops have now made webcam covers a normal accessory for their users. However, some displays, like Apple’s, are not designed with the idea of display accessories in mind.

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Macrumors reports that Apple devices are having issues with display after attaching camera covers due to very little tolerance in the clearance between the keyboard and the display. Covering the camera can also cause True Tone and automatic brightness issues. Apple suggests users opt for camera covers which are no thicker than an average piece of paper (0.1mm).

The support document states:

“If you close your Mac notebook with a camera cover installed, you might damage your display because the clearance between the display and keyboard is designed to very tight tolerances. Covering the built-in camera might also interfere with the ambient light sensor and prevent features like automatic brightness and True Tone from working. As an alternative to a camera cover, use the camera indicator light to determine if your camera is active, and decide which apps can use your camera in System Preferences.”

Complains to Apple

MacBook Pro owners have shared their cracked displays in the past on MacRumors and Reddit. The issue is especially consistent with the new 16-inch MacBook Pro model with thin bezels.

MacRumors forum member Dashwin was one of the first users to share his experience with the display problem. He put a camera cover on his 16-inch MacBook Pro which resulted in a crack in the display under the camera.


He shared:

“The latest MBP 16 inch with the thin tiny bezels and display comes at a cost of breakage with the tiniest of forces with a webcam cover in place. The internal display no longer works and I’ve had to connect it to an external display. I’ve had one of the exact same webcam covers on my 2011 MBP with no issues whatsoever for many years.”

Apple shares that customers should watch for the green light that comes on upon activating the camera. MacBook cameras can not be accessed without the light turning on. Furthermore, users can also control the number of apps that have access to the camera on their MacBooks.


Damage from applying a webcam cover is accidental and can be repaired under the AppleCare+ service. On the other hand, it is possible that Apple will not fix the issue for customers who do not have AppleCare+, as MacBook screens are very expensive to fix.

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