Apple’s lenses for upcoming AR headset/glasses move to trial production

Apple is reportedly working with Foxconn Technology to develop semitransparent lenses for its rumored augmented reality headset. Apple is making steady progress as the semitransparent lenses have advanced from prototype state to trial production, according to reports.

The lenses are significant to the use of augmented reality, in how they will display computer-generated images to the wearer, along with what that individual can see of the real world.

Apple AR lenses enter trial production

According to The Information, the Cupertino based tech giant is working with Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology to develop semitransparent lenses for its AR devices. Foxconn is also the manufacturer that builds most of Apple’s iPhones.

In its report, The Information notes that though the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down Apple’s business. But, the company is still on track to build its augmented reality devices:

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted key parts of Apple’s business, but it hasn’t derailed the company’s plans to build what could be its next important technology platform—augmented reality devices.

Apple AR glasses

Additionally, it talks about the lenses entering trial production and Foxconn Technology developing the modules for the tech giant’s augmented reality headset:

The Information has learned that Apple is working with Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology, Apple’s largest contract manufacturer and the one responsible for building most iPhones, to develop semitransparent lenses for its AR devices. As of two months ago, the lenses—considered one of the most essential elements of the head-worn devices—had passed the prototype stage and entered trial production, a person familiar with the matter said.

The report indicates that the lenses and the product they are being manufactured for are still at least a few years away from mass production, and a number of other reports have pointed towards a launch around 2022. It is not specified within the report whether these lenses are for the company’s AR/VR headset, or Apple Glass.

However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated that the AR glasses will be released by 2023 at the earliest. In his report, he also talks about how the company’s VR project has been slowed down due to internal conflict over concerns whether the headset should connect wirelessly to a nearby hub or if its processing power should be contained within the headset.

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