watchOS 8.4 RC adds fix for Apple Watch charging bug

Apple’s watchOS 8.4 release candidate that was seeded to developers and beta testers recently adds a fix for a bug that could cause some third-party Apple Watch chargers to not charge the device properly. Today’s update is available for Apple Watch Series 3 and later models.

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watchOS 8.4 RC addresses bug that stops some Apple Watch chargers from working

Following the public release of watchOS 8.3 on December 13, several Apple Watch Series 7 owners took to Reddit and Apple Support Communities to share an issue that rendered their device unable to charge properly. 

According to the reports, Series 7 models running watchOS 8.3 were not charging beyond 2%-10% on third-party wireless chargers. For some users, third-party chargers would refuse to charge an Apple Watch Series 7 entirely. Furthermore, the issue was considered widespread and did not impact any particular Apple Watch Series or third-party wireless charger brand.

The bulk of the reports focused on more affordable third-party chargers from Amazon but there were also complaints about brands like Belkin. Some users even had issues with Apple’s own Apple Watch chargers.

Many of the reports focused on more affordable third-party chargers from Amazon, but there were also complaints about higher-end chargers from brands like Belkin. Some people even had charging issues with Apple’s own Apple Watch charging pucks.

Is anyone else experiencing erratic behavior on their Series 7 Watch after the 8.3 update with a 3rd party wireless charger (Belkin)? Right after the update my watch started flashing between screens (charging screen, unlock pin pad, watch face) and eventually drained the battery to 10%. Once I put it on the charger that came with the watch it charged fine, problems went away. I don’t want my charger to become obsolete because of an update. @

watchOS 8.3 charging issue

As per Apple’s release notes for the watchOS 8.4 update, the software addresses the bug that was causing some Apple Watch chargers not to work meaning users should no longer face charging issues when watchOS 8.4 is released to the public.

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