Apple Watch sales will surpass 100 million in the next several months – Report

Apple’s wearable platform had a stellar year. In a few months, the number of people wearing an Apple Watch will surpass 100 million. The device has led to a new transformation in how individuals are able to monitor their health and fitness.

First announced by Apple in 2015, the smartwatch has quickly become a necessity for most iPhone users who like to use the device in conjunction with their smartphone for a seamless experience. The Watch not only offers basic features to users like the ability to tell the time or the weather, but it has also become more advanced in recent years with the health-oriented features it offers like heart health notifications and blood oxygen monitoring.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch sales will surpass 100 million soon

The number of people wearing the smartwatch continues to steadily increase. According to Apple, 75% of Watch sales are going to first-time customers. This means that 23 million people will have bought their first Apple Watch in 2020. The Apple Watch installed base is growing by the size of Fitbit’s overall installed base every 12 months. The graph highlights the change in the Apple Watch installed base over the years.

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Apple has recently re-focused Watch marketing around health and fitness. With a built-in blood oxygen monitor on Series 6 models, the Watch makes for a compelling and wellness companion. The wearable platform automatically tracks all the basics, including standing and moving around as well as exercise, steps, and stairs climbed. The Watch offers many features that can help a user to track their health:

  1. Proactive monitoring (i.e. heart rate and blood oxygen)
  2. Well-being assistance (i.e. sleep monitoring including the runup to sleep)
  3. Fitness and activity tracking (i.e. Activity and Workout apps)
  4. Fitness and health activity (i.e. Apple Fitness+)

The Cupertino tech giant also recently launched a new subscription service for virtual fitness classes called Fitness Plus. The service integrates with iPhones, iPads, and the Apple TV, but Apple says it’s built specifically for the Apple Watch.


A move on Apple’s part that will help drive sales is the recent release of the Apple Watch SE, coupled with Family Setup his model combines the design of the Apple Watch Series 6 with essential features of the Apple Watch to stay connected, monitor health, track activity, and more. Starting at $279, the affordable Apple Watch model can work without the need for a personal iPhone, which makes it great for children and elders.

More importantly, the SE series is equipped with the latest motion sensors to support health features like fall detection and high and low heart rate notifications, which help make it a great wellness monitoring tool. Running on the new watchOS 7, the smartwatch offers all other new features like handwash detection, noise level, native sleep tracking, new workout, and more.

Apple Watch SE

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