Apple Watch series 2 announced with GPS, dual-core chip and brighter display

Apple Watch Series 2 is Apple’s next generation smartwatch which will run on watchOS 3. The smartwatch will have a dual-core S2 chip, brighter display, ceramic material design, GPS, improved waterproofing up to 50-meter water depth and more.

Apple Watch series 2 announced with GPS, dual-core chip and brighter display

Apple announced new fitness and gaming apps for Series 2, like Pokémon Go and View Ranger. Apple has also collaborated with Nike to design an exclusive model, Apple Watch Nike Plus, for athletes.

Here are all the announcements from Apple’s event:

Pokémon Go

Niantic will soon roll out Pokémon Go app for watchOS 3. The app will enable users to enjoy the game without constantly checking their iPhone.Pokémon trainers will be able to keep track of their walking activity, view Pokéstops and collect items, get notified of nearby Pokemon, watch eggs hatching and much more on the small screen. The app is scheduled to release by the end of 2016.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch series 2 will have a new S2 chip, which is a second generation SIP (system in a package) with a faster dual core processor and a brighter display with higher graphics performance. The display of the new Apple watch will be the brightest of any Apple product ever shipped at 1,000 nits. It is designed to be vivid, especially in sunlight.

GPS in the new Watch will cater to varying needs fitness activities. Runners will be able to start their run instantly, unlike other slower wearbles with GPS, and keep record of their pace and distance. GPS will mark the route on the map and give users a summary of their varying speed.

View Ranger is one of the first hiking apps designed to bring a new hiking experienced centered which will utilized GPS. In View Ranger, hikers will get the elevation and distance to get to their destinations. They will also get views of various destinations, their current location and route progress displayed on a map. GPS will open up tons of new possibilities for developers.

The new Series 2 will be swim proof with water resistance upto 50 meters. Unlike the previous splash proof Series 1, the new Series 2 watch is fully waterproof for occasional or daily swims. The only open outlet, the speakers, will have an innovative new functionality to automatically eject out water. Swimmers will be able to keep record of their lap times and other statistics in a new ‘swim workout’ feature.

Series 2 will be available in aluminium, stainless steel and a new ceramic material which will be four times harder than stainless steel with a smooth texture.

Besides many bands choices, two new Hermes single and double buckles bands will be available as designer wear.

Apple Watch Nike Plus

Strongly believing in the fitness benefits of Apple Watch, especially for Runners, Apple has collaborated with Nike to manufacture a new Apple Watch Nike Plus model with a breathable and stretchable band and features destined to deliver an amazing running experience.

To start the run, users will simply have to tap in or instruct Siri to start run. A simple watchface will display distance and pace, while an advanced watchface will display more details.

Unlike any other fitness devices, Nike Plus will send runners motivational, and personalized messages. for example, the weather is wonderful for a run.

Nike Plus will allow membership in a Plus run club. The club will provide everything a runner needs to facilitate an all-round running experience. Runners will have access to coaching tips, gear advice, view live runs around the globe and more.

Apple Watch Nike Plus will be available in four colors with a black base; florescent green, grey and two variations of black.

watchOS 3

The new operating system will launch apps instantly allow for more customization with new watchfaces. Users will be able to switch betwen watch faces with swipe gestures. Texting will be easier and fun allowing users to tapback a message, use animated stickers and send full screen effects to celebrate. Moreover, to make texting easier on a small screen, users can compose long texts with the Scribble handwriting/keyboard feature.

Fitness enthusiasts will be able to share their activity stats with each othe. A new ‘breathe app’ is designed for deep breathing exercises, similar to yoga, to take a break from the haste of a day’s routine. The new watchOS also brings a new safety feature, which enables users to send text message to an emergency contact, send location and easily contact 911 or other emergencies services.

Apple Watch Series 2 will be available by 16th September and its price will vary for different material designs. Aluminium and stainless steel Series 2 will be available starting for $369, 38mm of Ceramic Series 2 will be available for $1,249 and 42mm Ceramic model will cost  $1,299. Apple Watch Nike Plus will be available for $369 by late October. Apple has also beefed the current Apple Watch (now called Apple Watch Series 1) with the same dual-core processor as the Series 2 and it will be available starting from $269 on 13th September.

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