Apple Watch Series 7 features no hidden diagnostic port, uses wireless transfer instead

Last month, FCC filings revealed that Apple Watch Series 7 features an undisclosed 60.5GHz wireless connection for faster data transfer. The module is not advertised on the tech giant’s website. In addition, a document for internal use detailed that the new Apple Watch Series 7 is shipped with only a U1 Ultra Wideband chip, Bluetooth 5.0, and W3 wireless chip for connectivity.

With Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has eliminated the diagnostic port which used to be featured in the bottom band slot on previous models. This means that the company will now use wireless data transfer instead for diagnostic purposes.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 will use wireless data transfer now that the diagnostic port has been removed

MacRumors with The Verge’s Dieter Bohn and others has confirmed that the diagnostic port is now gone with the latest Apple Watch models. Apple used the port for diagnostic purposes when servicing an Apple Watch. For example, it could be used to restore watchOS using a wired connection. This means that Apple will not be making use of the new 60.5Hz wireless data transfer module for servicing the wearable platform.

The FCC filings suggest that the new technology requires an external device, dock, to activate the 60.5GHz transmitter which can transfer data at up to 480 Mbps. At the time, it was theorized that the transmitter is for internal use only. In addition, the module is only activated when placed on a proprietary magnetic dock with a corresponding 60.5GHz module. As stated in the filings, “A magnetic alignment fixture locks the Apple Watch in place on top of the Wireless Serial Dock, thus allowing communication between the Dock and Apple Watch. The Wireless Serial Dock is powered by a USB-C port.”

Apple unveiled Apple Watch Series 7 at its virtual September 14 “California Streaming” event with a larger and brighter display, five new aluminum colors, faster charging, user interface updates, IP6X certification, and more. The Watch itself became available for pre-order on October 8 and will be available in stores and start shipping to customers on October 15.

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