Apple Watch Series 8 could feature a body temperature sensor – Kuo

In 2021, it was rumored that Apple could add a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 7. Ultimately, however, the sensor was not added to the wearable platform. Now, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is saying the feature could be added to the Apple Watch Series 8 instead.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple could add a body temperature sensor to Apple Watch Series 8, depending on algorithm quality

In a thread of tweets shared by the analyst on Twitter, he explains that Apple originally planned to add a body temperature measurement feature to the Apple Watch Series 7 however the plan was canceled because the algorithm failed to qualify before the device entered the engineering validation testing (EVT) stage last year. 

Kuo went on to say that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 could feature body temperature monitoring if the “algorithm can meet Apple’s high requirements before mass production.”

The issue Apple has experienced with body temperature measurement relates to the fact that skin temperature can change based on the user’s environment. therefore, a smartwatch cannot monitor core body temperature solely through the hardware and the feature requires an accurate algorithm that provides results.

Apple Watch Series 7

“The challenge in implementing precise body temperature measurement is that skin temperature quickly varies depending on outside environments,” the analyst explains. “A smartwatch can’t support core temperature measurement in terms of hardware, so it needs an excellent algorithm to work together.”

Talking about body temperature measurement being added to Apple Watch Series 8, Kuo also brings up a similar issue that Samsung is facing with body temperature measurement. “Unlike previous media reports, I think Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in 2H22 might not support the body temperature measurement due to algorithm limitations.”

Both Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have previously reported that this year’s Apple Watch lineup could feature body temperature monitoring capabilities, however, rumors about the sensor have died down in the past few weeks. In late 2021, it was also reported that Apple was looking into the use of AirPods as a health device to monitor posture, enhance hearing, and measure body temperature.

Apple is expected to launch three new Apple Watch models in fall 2022 alongside the iPhone 14 lineup. These will include the standard Apple Watch Series 8, a budget-friendly Apple Watch SE, and a new Extreme Sports edition.

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