Apple Watch Ultra gets Auto Night mode option in watchOS 10

The new upcoming watchOS 10 improves the Night mode feature on Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra

Exclusive to Apple Watch Ultra, the Wayfinder watch face is designed for an active life for its display users’ activity, time, duration, maps, elevation data, and other metrics at a glance. Especially for divers, runners, or hikers, the Wayfinder watch face supports Night mode which turns the display red so that users can easily view information without straining their eyes.

However, when using the Wayfinder face, users currently have to turn the Digital Crown to activate the Night mode.

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Apple Watch Ultra

watchOS 10 adds two new ways to enable Night mode in Wayfinder watch face on Apple Watch Ultra

The watchOS 10 has a redesigned interface and new Smart Stack which allows users to view widgets from any watch face simply by turning the Digital Crown. As the Digital Crown is used to access widgets in watchOS 10, the tech giant has revamped the Wayfinder to activate Night mode in two new ways on Apple Watch Ultra.

Users can enable Night mode for Wayfinder watch face either through the customization UI or by choosing the Auto Night Mode option to intuitively change the color of the watch face in a dark environment or setting.

Apple Watch Ultra

Using the Apple Watch Ultra’s ambient light sensor, the Auto Night Mode feature will determine the light conditions and would activate the mode automatically when the light reaches the set low level.

watchOS 10 also features advanced cycling metrics, an improved hiking experience with an updated Compass app, support for Last Cellular Connection and Last Emergency Call Waypoints to ensure connectivity and safety while exploring remote areas, introduces the Mindfulness app for users to log in their daily moods, and emotions to get an insight into their emotional and mental health and much more. The update will be available to everyone in the Fall of this year along with iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and other updates.

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  1. I find this annoying and not an improvement! In auto it keeps turning on and off. I have to go into the watch app on my phone to turn it on at night and off in the morning. Siri can’t do it. I was able to turn it on directly on the watch but I had to turn it off on the app on the phone. VERY ANNOYING!

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