Apple Watch X confirmed? Major design overhaul for Series 10

Apple’s next wearable is on the horizon, and rumors suggest the Apple Watch Series 10 (or perhaps even the X?) could be the biggest refresh the lineup has ever seen. Ditching the familiar look, leaks for the rumored Apple Watch X hint at a slimmer design with significantly larger displays, potentially rivaling the current Apple Watch Ultra.

watchOS 10

The Apple Watch Series 10, also speculated to be the Apple Watch X, is rumored to feature a brand-new design that marks a departure from its predecessors. According to insiders like Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo, the Series 10 will introduce a thinner chassis and larger screen sizes. Reports suggest that the screen sizes will increase from the current 41mm and 45mm to about 45mm and 49mm, respectively, aligning closely with the current Apple Watch Ultra 2.

This significant size increase could potentially enhance the user experience by offering more screen real estate for apps, notifications, and complications. Moreover, a thinner design improves aesthetics and enhances comfort, making the Series 10 more wearable for a wider range of users.

One of the standout advancements in the Series 10 is the adoption of 3D-printed components. This move is aimed at improving production efficiency and potentially reducing costs. Analysts suggest that components from BLT, a reputed 3D printing supplier, will be integrated into the Series 10, laying the groundwork for future innovations in Apple’s manufacturing processes.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

Alongside the Series 10, Apple is also expected to unveil the Apple Watch Ultra 3. While the Ultra 3 may not see the same dramatic redesign as the Series 10, it could introduce new color options, such as a black or dark variant, depending on production feasibility. The specifications are anticipated to remain largely unchanged from its predecessor, focusing primarily on aesthetic updates rather than functional enhancements.

Beyond hardware upgrades, the Series 10 is rumored to include new health features that could further cement its position as a leader in wearable health technology. Reports indicate potential additions like blood pressure monitoring, which would track trends over time rather than provide exact readings, and sleep apnea detection, offering early warnings to users about potential health issues.

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