2024 Apple Watch X to offer thinner watch case and magnetic bands

As the release of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 inches closer, reports of a significant milestone are starting to surface. Apple is reportedly gearing up for a remarkable overhaul with the Apple Watch X update for the 10th anniversary of its iconic smartwatch. While the upcoming 2023 smartwatch models might bring only a modest refresh, it’s the potential of the Apple Watch X that has enthusiasts buzzing.

Apple Watch X
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The Apple Watch X is set to undergo a complete transformation in celebration of its 10th anniversary

This year’s smartwatch releases are slated to be incremental improvements, consistent with Apple’s recent trend. The company has grappled with shifting away from its yearly upgrade cycle, which has been the norm since the Apple Watch’s debut in 2015. However, the device’s steady evolution is giving Apple reason to consider alternatives.

Unlike the iPhone, where annual upgrades introduce substantial changes, the Apple Watch has seen more subtle modifications. Last year, the Apple Watch Series 8 introduced a body-temperature sensor, while previous iterations brought larger displays and enhanced performance features. These incremental changes have left consumers with fewer compelling reasons to upgrade annually.

Apple’s upcoming event on September 12 is expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 9 alongside the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and possibly the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. These new models will maintain their current dimensions but feature the S9 chip and a new pink color option. Despite the anticipation, this release is poised to be one of the least transformative updates in the watch’s history.

apple watch series 9

While Apple aims to attract first-time smartwatch buyers and users of older models, the company recognizes the need for innovation. The once-a-year upgrade cycle will likely persist, even as Apple adjusts the release schedules for other products. The Apple Watch’s design, largely unchanged since the Series 4 of 2018, is due for a more substantial transformation.

To mark the device’s 10-year anniversary, Apple has something special in store: the Apple Watch X model. This overhaul promises to be the most significant transformation yet, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. As we approach the unveiling window, likely in 2024 or 2025, rumors point to a thinner watch case and a redesigned band attachment system.

Breaking from tradition, Apple designers are exploring a new magnetic band attachment system for the Apple Watch X. This departure could free up valuable internal space, potentially allowing for a larger battery or additional components. Alongside this, rumors suggest a microLED display that will exceed the color and clarity capabilities of the current OLED screens. Moreover, the Watch X might introduce blood pressure monitoring technology, further enhancing its health and wellness features.

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