Future Vision Pro to feature automate “Fit Dial” to adjust Light Seal automatically

The US Patent & Trademark Office has granted Apple a new patent that describes a motorized system to adjust Apple Vision Pro’s Light Seal to fit different users.

Unveiled at the WWDC 2023 event, Vision Pro will be available in early 2024. The upcoming AR/VR headset is equipped with an ultra-high-resolution display system and Light Seal to create a 3D experience.

Apple vision pro

Light Seal features manual “Fit Dial” comes in a range of shapes and sizes for a precise fit to each user’s face purchasing the device.

Reportedly, Apple would kick off Vision Pro launch with appointment-only in the United States so that Apple Store experts help each customers with selecting Light Seal with precision fit for their face and ZEISS Optical Inserts, if needed.

New automate “Fit Dial” in Vision Pro would be feature by one or more motors

The filing describes that certain modular components in head-mounted devices like the Light Seal could be equipped with automated adjustment capabilities to fit users faces. 

For example, a light seal module that provides engagement of a user’s face and transmits light from a display element can be coupled to an HMD module. The coupling module that couples the light seal to the HMD module can be provided in a wide variety of sizes and/or shapes to allow a user to select an appropriate one for optimal alignment of an HMD module. Additionally or alternatively, a light seal module can be provided with manual and/or automated adjustment capabilities to achieve the desired fit.

Apple Vision Pro

For the modular to work automatically, it would feature one or more motors.

“Additionally or alternatively, adjustments described herein can be actively controlled by the head-mountable device itself. For example, adjustments can be made by one or more motors, actuators, and the like. Such mechanisms can be controlled by a process or other control circuitry of the head-mountable device 10, for example a component of the HMD module.

Previously patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office revealed that Apple was developing detachable or removable accessories for head-mountable devices with AR or mixed reality (AR/VR) technologies like Vision Pro.

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