iPhone 14 Pro owners report rapid battery health decline within a year

Less than a year after the official launch of the iPhone 14 Pro, users have taken to various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit, to share their growing concerns over the rapid deterioration of their device’s battery health. The stark decline users are facing in battery’s maximum capacity has prompted discussions about the potential causes and solutions to this issue.

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The iPhone 14 Pro’s battery reportedly depreciates quicker than older generations

Apple introduced the “Battery Health” feature to iPhones in response to the “Batterygate” scandal that emerged in 2018. This feature, starting with iOS 11.3, was aimed at providing users with insights into their iPhone’s battery condition, addressing the company’s earlier practice of silently throttling device performance as batteries aged over time. leveraging lithium-ion batteries, iPhones undergo chemical aging during their life cycle. As batteries age, their charge-holding capacity diminishes, resulting in shorter periods of use before requiring a recharge.

Apple has used something called dynamic monitoring of power needs in iPhones released since the release of the iPhone 11 series in 2019. This advanced system manages performance in real-time, mitigating performance impacts due to battery aging. However, noticeable effects might still occur, such as longer app launch times or reduced wireless data throughput.

In recent months, a growing number of iPhone 14 Pro users have shared screenshots on social media platforms showcasing their device’s declining “Maximum Capacity.” One specific user revealed that they were getting their iPhone 14 Pro due to the battery draining issues:

My 14 pro is being replaced through express replacement(with Apple care) for free

It’s annoying that no websites picked this up and it’s not a bigger deal. If it was a Pixel people would’ve ran with this and made a massive issue out of it

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This user shared how their iPhone 14 Pro’s Maximum Capacity depleted within the span of a week: 

A week or so ago, I found my phone’s battery health at 90%. Which is odd, because I didn’t use the phone much because I was traveling, but I brushed it off. The next day it went down to 89% and then the day after to 88% (which is what it’s at now). I’ve had my phone for 7 months now and I bought it from the Apple Store. It doesn’t last very long 80% would last me barely 3 hours.

On a similar note, there was another reported instance of the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery health dropping from 100% to 94% in a few weeks:

A couple weeks ago the battery health was at a stable 100% now it’s sitting at 94% and I have been doing  regular activities with it? It hasn’t overheated or anything but the battery health is dropping at an alarming rate? My old XR has a battery health of 91% and I used it for 3 years

Another user highlighted how they have never experienced significant battery-draining issues with a previous iPhone:

Hello, just wanted to share my launch day iPhone 14 Pro battery health. I’ve contacted Apple Support and got told this is normal. This is not my first iPhone and I’ve never had such a drastic and quick battery degradation.

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While the exact reasons behind the decline remain speculative, potential factors include algorithm adjustments in comparison to previous iPhone models, the impact of iOS 17 beta on battery health, and features unique to the iPhone 14 Pro, such as the energy-intensive Always-On Display and the remarkably bright 2000 nits peak brightness in outdoor settings.

Apple has yet to directly address these concerns, leaving users to ponder the implications of the issue. Generally, Apple recommends battery replacements when “Maximum Capacity” drops below 80%, a threshold that some iPhone 14 Pro users seem to be approaching just a year after the device’s launch.

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Under Apple’s warranty, battery replacements are included for one year from the date of purchase, and for devices covered by AppleCare+ plans with a battery health below 80%. Users whose devices fall outside warranty coverage or desire replacement before reaching the 80% threshold will incur replacement costs, which vary by model. Apple facilitates battery replacements through its retail locations, Genius Bar services, online mail-in options, and authorized resellers.

Learn more about the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max’s AppleCare+ costs here.


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