Apple Watch Ultra 2 rumors: features, release, etc

The Apple Watch Ultra, a recent sensation, has left its mark with its exceptional battery life, fitness tracking capabilities, and sleek design. As we look ahead at the wearable’s successor – the Apple Watch Ultra 2 – numerous reports have helped to paint a picture of what’s to come. 

As per industry sources, the upcoming watch will offer a larger screen size, the S9 chip, 3D-printed parts, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Watch Ultra 2 rumors: features, design, performance, availability, and more.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

2023 Apple Watch Ultra 2 – rumored features

Design and colors

  • According to reports from Digitimes, the screen size of the Apple Watch Ultra is expected to increase.
  • The display will transition from 1.9 inches (equivalent to 49mm) to a larger 2.1-inch screen, surpassing the 50mm mark.
  • This change in size may cater well to some individuals, while others might find it too large for their wrists. Subsequently, there is a possibility that Apple could offer two configurations to provide customers with size options.
  • Apple is reportedly developing a new color choice for the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Mark Gurman, in his Bloomberg newsletter, hinted at the possibility of a dark titanium color variant for the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch

3D-printed parts

  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from TF Securities previously revealed that the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra will feature 3D-printed mechanical parts.
  • The integration of 3D printing is expected to streamline the production process by replacing traditional CNC machining for components like the Digital Crown, Side Button, and Action Button.

Apple Watch Ultra

S9 chip

The current Apple Watch Ultra operates using the S8 chip, which holds a 64-bit dual-core processor – the same as what’s in the Apple Watch Series 8. When it comes to the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra 2, there’s a possibility of upgrading to the improved S9 chip, although any potential internal modifications could be limited.

Additionally, the Apple Watch Ultra houses a W3 wireless chip and a U1 chip, which are likely to carry over to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, possibly with enhanced functionalities.

Battery life

The Apple Watch Ultra boasts the longest battery life among its models, with up to 36 hours on one charge. Activating Low Power Mode extends this to 60 hours, albeit with reduced functions. However, it falls short compared to Garmin’s top-tier watches like the Fenix 7 series. To rival such competition, Apple might enhance battery life in the Watch Ultra 2, though no rumors confirm this currently.

Fitness tracking features

Apple’s fitness and health tracking hardware for the new Apple Watch Ultra is expected to remain mostly unchanged, with minor improvements possibly introduced. The first-generation Apple Watch Ultra offers various health features like heart rate monitoring, ECG, compass, altimeter, depth measurement, blood oxygen tracking, and dual-band GPS.

Apple Watch Ultra


In the event that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 debuts later this year featuring incremental modifications, there is a high probability that it will maintain the same price point as the existing model: $799.

Apple Watch Ultra

Release date

Foreseeing the launch of a new Apple Watch typically involves a simple approach: incrementing the year from the previous edition. While this rule applies to the Apple Watch Series 8 and 9, it does not hold for the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra, as it stands as a fairly-new introduction by Apple. 

However, Mark Gurman has previously said that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 could arrive in the fall. If Gurman’s prediction holds, the updated wearable could be announced at Apple’s fall event. The event is rumored to be held on September 12 and it will see the release of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 9.

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