WhatsApp’s new Zoom-like group call scheduling feature is in beta

In a move set to enhance user convenience, WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out an exciting new feature that allows users to schedule group calls effortlessly. This latest feature could potentially transform the way group calls are organized and executed, promising to make scheduling a breeze and ensuring that no important conversations slip through the cracks.


WhatsApp users will soon be able to schedule group calls for productivity and collaboration

As revealed by WABetaInfo, this functionality has been in the works for a while and is now available for testing in the latest WhatsApp beta version on the Google Play Store.

Since this feature is currently in beta, a limited number of users are able to schedule group calls directly within their respective groups. The method to check if you are among the fortunate beta testers is simple – just tap the call button. Then, it’s smooth sailing. Define the call’s purpose, set the date for the scheduled call, and even decide whether it’s a video or voice call.

WhatsApp group call

Once a group call is scheduled, an event is automatically generated in the group chat. Participants in the call will receive a handy notification 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start, ensuring no one misses the conversation.

This innovative feature brings forth numerous benefits. It streamlines the planning process, putting an end to the back-and-forth messages to finalize a suitable time. Collaboratively selecting a convenient time enhances availability and curbs the chances of missed or delayed calls.

As of now, this feature is exclusively accessible to a select group of beta testers who’ve updated to the latest WhatsApp beta version on Android. However, the good news is that it’s expected to gradually roll out to a wider audience in the coming weeks.

In related news, WhatsApp recently rolled out screen sharing, a groundbreaking feature for video calls that puts it in direct competition with giants like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and FaceTime. Users can share documents, images, and more during video calls, enhancing collaboration.


Rolled out to iOS Android and Windows Desktop, WhatsApp screen sharing allows sharing specific apps or the entire screen. Alongside screen sharing, the company also unveiled a new Landscape mode that offers an immersive experience for video calls.

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