Apple Watch Series 10 to get blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea detection, and more

Celebrating a decade of innovation, Apple is rumored to introduce groundbreaking health-centric features in the Apple Watch Series 10, expected in 2024. These remarkable updates, such as blood pressure and glucose monitoring, could revolutionize personal health monitoring.

Apple Watch Series 10
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As per an earlier report, Apple’s 10th-anniversary Apple Watch is expected to undergo a complete transformation, distinguishing itself from the incremental improvements characteristic of recent smartwatch releases. Unlike the substantial yearly changes seen in the iPhone lineup, the Apple Watch has historically received more subtle modifications, focusing on features like body-temperature sensors, larger displays, and enhanced performance, leaving fewer incentives for annual upgrades.

Apple reportedly working on blood glucose monitoring for Apple Watch Series 10, among other features

Blood pressure monitoring is a feature that has been rumored for the Apple Watch for years. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 10 will include a groundbreaking blood pressure sensor. The initial version will detect trends in blood pressure and prompt users to record circumstances during elevated levels. A future iteration aims to provide precise readings and diagnose related conditions.

Apple’s cautious approach aligns with its commitment to accuracy and user safety. The focus is on early warning indicators, prompting users to consult with medical professionals or use traditional cuff measurements for accurate systolic and diastolic readings. It’s important to note that Apple is not the first to explore blood pressure monitoring on wearable devices, but its foray into this space is significant.

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Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to include a feature for sleep apnea detection. Utilizing sleep and breathing patterns, the watch will estimate potential indications of sleep apnea, encouraging users to seek medical advice based on the inferred data. This is a significant step toward addressing a prevalent health issue, considering that millions remain undiagnosed for sleep-related conditions.

Apple’s track record of implementing health-focused features, such as AFib detection and fall detection, demonstrates its commitment to addressing these health concerns. The Apple Watch Series 10’s sleep apnea detection feature could have a major impact on improving public health outcomes.

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Beyond blood pressure and sleep-related features, Apple is reportedly exploring non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and working on hearing aid detection for AirPods, further expanding its health-oriented offerings.

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