Apple wins in legal dispute over Apple Watch’s ECG technology against AliveCor

On February 6th, 2024, a California judge ruled in favor of Apple, dismissing an antitrust lawsuit brought by medical technology company AliveCor. The case centered around Apple’s heart-monitoring technology used in the Apple Watch, with AliveCor accusing Apple of stifling competition by limiting access to certain features.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

Apple Watch heart rate tech: Lawsuit dismissed, but concerns about competition remain

AliveCor, known for its smartphone ECG reader, argued that Apple abused its market dominance by restricting third-party apps, including their own, from utilizing the Apple Watch’s advanced heart rate features needed for ECG functionality.

Apple Watch series 8 ECG app

They further claimed that Apple created an uneven playing field by making it difficult for competing apps to integrate with Apple Health data, hindering user experience and limiting consumer choice. Additionally, they accused Apple of promoting their own ECG app over competitors within the App Store.

Apple countered these allegations, emphasizing their significant investment in developing the ECG feature as part of their commitment to improving health functionalities on the Watch. They argued that they remained open to alternatives, allowing third-party apps to access the heart rate sensor for other purposes.

At Apple, our teams are constantly innovating to create products and services that empower users with health, wellness, and life-saving features. AliveCor’s lawsuit challenged Apple’s ability to improve important capabilities of the Apple Watch that consumers and developers rely on, and today’s outcome confirms that is not anticompetitive. We thank the Court for its careful consideration of this case, and will continue to protect the innovations we advance on behalf of our customers against meritless claims.

Moreover, they emphasized their focus on safety and security, stating that a curated health app ecosystem ensures user privacy and data protection, ultimately benefiting consumers.

While Judge White sided with Apple, dismissing the lawsuit, the reasoning behind the decision remains confidential. Unsurprisingly, AliveCor expressed disappointment and announced their intention to appeal.

This case brings up important concerns about finding the right balance between innovation, competition, and user privacy in the tech industry. Although the final ruling may not provide a clear-cut answer to these concerns, it serves as a critical reminder of the ongoing struggle to maintain a balance between technological progress, fair competition, and user expectations in the present-day digital world.

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