Apple’s alleged WWDC14 intro video featured Larry David, Evan Spiegel and JB Smoove – luckily it didn’t make the cut

Recently, an alleged WWDC 2014 intro video was leaked online and there are several reasons for Apple not including it in the conference then. The video is centered around the iOS App Store review process and features famous comedian Larry David, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, and JB Smoove, famous actor, comedian, and writer.

Apple launched App Store in 2008 for apps distribution and in-app purchases system on iPhone and iPad. The company has a review process where every application is submitted to App Store where a human reviews the app and scans it for any malware. The process is marketed as a barrier or layer of protection between users and malicious apps that can invasively track users’ online activity, access their camera or microphone for blackmail or financial scams. Having said that, the scrapped video does not portray the significance of the app review process and even if it was an attempt to poke fun of the process as per critics comments, it was a very poor attempt.


Apple’s scrapped 2014 WWDC’s intro video with shockingly distasteful humor

@Sam Henri-Gold posted the Vimeo link of Apple’s alleged WWDC 2014 intro video. He was behind the ‘Unofficial Apple Archive’ which was taken down in 2020. Although the video does not exist on Vimeo anymore, it got reported on YouTube and now we understand why the intro did not make the cut.

The video features Larry David as a grumpy and very critical ‘App Approval’ guy who is shown arbitrarily denying and approving apps: a sandwich maker’s app is denied whereas an app that permanently stores users’ photos is approved. The video has an unsettling start with the App guy catching an employees tailgating who equates Apple’s rules with Nazis rules.

Next,¬†Evan Spiegel, with very very poor acting skills, appears to thank Larry for approving a Snapchat update and things just escalate for the worse, when JB Smoove enters.¬†Arguing over a sandwich, the duo makes racist ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’ remarks and for humor, Smoove publically posts illicit content on Larry’s account.

Apple - App Review Intro

Apple presents itself as an inclusive company and it also came out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement after the unfortunate death of George Floyd. It can be assumed that the distasteful humor of the video for it being scrapped. We have the video below for you to judge the content yourself. Share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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