New patents reveal that Apple is improving AR ‘Apple Glass’ design and technology

Cupertino tech giant is rumored to be developing ‘Apple Glass’, an AR headset meant to be worn over the eyes for play games, unlock other devices, video recording, and more. Two new patents approved by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office reveal that Apple is exploring new ways to improve the device’s technology by resolving motion blur issue and using Fresnel lenses in a display of the alleged AR headset for a comfortable viewing experience.

Apple recently introduced the AR technology to smartphone users by shipping the latest iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models with LiDAR scanners. Without mentioning any product, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he is excited about AR at the VIVO conference in France and mentioned that the company has bigger plans for the tech moving forward. Such remarks give weightage to the rumored products like AR Apple Glass.

I get excited about AR because I see it as a technology that can enhance life in a broadway. So we have been working on AR first with our iPhones and iPad and later we will see where that goes in terms of products. But the key thing is that it can enrich people’s lives.

AR Apple Glass

Apple is working on improving Apple Glass’ blur motion and display issues

Expected to launch in 2022, Apple Glass would run on new ‘rOS’ compatible with iOS will offer AR apps for virtual meetings, gaming, watching movies, and more. Since the device is designed to be worn like glasses and will be very close to users’ eyes, the company has filed for an “unconventional” solution.

Titled ‘Motion blur compensation through display actuation’ filing details the use of sensors to detect movement and display content through display actuation.

A method comprising: at an electronic device with a display, a sensor, and an actuator coupled to the display: detecting movement of the electronic device using the sensor while presenting content on the display; determining an inter-frame movement of the electronic device based on the movement of the electronic device; and moving the display using the actuator in synchrony with a duty cycle of the display such that the display is moved: in a first direction such that movement of the display opposes the inter-frame movement of the electronic device while activated pixels of the display are illuminated; and in a second direction, opposite the first direction, while the activated pixels are not illuminated.

Apple Glass

For a comfortable viewing experience, Apple is planning to Fresnel lenses.

A head-mounted device may include a display system and an optical system in a housing. The display system may have displays that produce images. The optical system may have Fresnel lenses through which a user of the head-mounted device may view the images. The Fresnel lenses may have concentric rings with slope facets and draft facets angled parallel to the chief rays. Light scattering in the Fresnel lenses may be reduced by coating the draft facets with opaque masking material and/or by aligning concentric rings of the opaque masking material that are supported on a transparent substrate with the draft facets. A central portion of the Fresnel lens that is free of facets may be enlarged to reduce scattering. The Fresnel lenses may have wedge-shaped cross-sectisdonal profiles and may have outer portions that are thicker than inner portions. Gradient-index material may be used in forming the Fresnel lenses.

Previously, a patent revealed that Apple Glass could be controlled by eye gestures and could turn any surface into a virtual display. In addition to AR Apple Glass, it is also reported that Apple is working on AR and VR mix headset. As Mr.Cook said “there always has to be something up our sleeves”, maybe the new AR tech is one of those things.

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