Apple’s augmented reality glasses will follow the release of AR headsets in 2020

A number of renowned tech-industry sources are claiming that Apple is developing augmented reality glasses, which will be released after the launch of its AR headsets in 2021-23 timeframe. Both devices might be based on a 3D sensor system, which would be an advance version of Apple’s existing Face ID sensor, and the new AR devices will be supported by a new ‘rOS’, which will ensure their compatibility with iOS. Reports also state that Apple plans to contact third-party developers in 2021 to build apps supporting the alleged AR hardware for various functions like virtual meetings, gaming and watching movies.

In a recently published report, Digitimes claims that Apple has used Taiwan-based optical component suppliers for the development of its AR smart glasses, to be retailed by 2022.

Apple AR glasses under development
Taiwan-based optical component suppliers are engaged in the development of Apple’s augmented reality smart glasses, which may be commercialized by 2022, according to industry sources.

Supporting this report, The Information’s sources quote minutes of the company’s internal meeting on Apple’s AR headsets for 2022-23, which will possibly have a sleek designed made with fabrics and light weight materials to ensure comfort during usage. More importantly, the headset might have a high resolution display which would enable users to read small text and view real life objects and people in front of them, and behind virtual characters. The information predicts that Apple’s first AR headset might look similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also corroborates these claims.

The headset will be followed by the release of AR glasses which might be designed to be worn through out the day, therefore, they might look like expensive light weight sunglasses with a thick frame for battery and chips. This claim is further supported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. However, Gurman stated that based on new 3D sensor system, Apple would focus on its AR support for iPad Pro first, and iPhone by the end of 2020, before releasing AR glasses.

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