Apple announces new AI/Machine Learning Residency program

Apple has announced a new residency program that is designed to encourage experts to apply their knowledge in building machine-learning and AI-powered products. As the tech giant continues to research how to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning on its devices, the company’s interest in recruiting new talent has grown.

Apple already produces chips that perform certain AI tasks like recognizing the phrase “Hey, Siri.” and announced a number of new features during this year’s World Wide Developers Conference. The tech giant introduced features like facial recognition for HomeKit, native sleep tracking for the Apple Watch, handwriting recognition for iPad, and more.


Now, the company is attempting to recruit aspirants with niche expertise for a yearlong AI/ML residency program, promising knowledge, and mentoring that will help further their careers. With the knowledge gained from the residents, Apple will subsequently work to improve the integration of AI and machine learning in its devices.

Apple’s New Residency Program

Researcher Michael Rennaker took to Twitter to announce the new addition:

“Thrilled to announce a new program designed to help experts in applied fields build ML-powered products and experiences. Introducing the AI/ML residency program…

If you have expertise in field outside of AI, can code, and want to dip your toe into the world of Machine Learning, we’ve created this program just for you! Job postings are up, starting Summer of 2021.”


The program is intended to advance resident’s technical and intellectual development in the field of machine learning which will help to further their professional careers. Residents will get personalized machine learning and AI courses, the opportunity to learn from an Apple mentor, chances to collaborate with other residents, hands-on experience with “high-impact projects” and more.

Apple in the job description posted states:

“The year-long program will welcome residents with STEM graduate degrees or equivalent industry experience, software development backgrounds, and niche expertise — like design, linguistics, neuroscience, or psychology.”


Residencies are currently being offered in Cupertino, California; Seattle, Washington; Cambridge, U.K.; Zurich, and various locations within Germany for a summer 2021 start date, with assignment descriptions that differ between locations. Individuals who are interested in the program can find the full list of job openings and requirements here.

In Cambridge, candidates are explicitly granted the chance to work on Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri, while candidates located in other cities will have opportunities to learn in other AI/ML fields. Each residency will begin with a machine and deep learning coursework before moving into machine learning projects, potentially with the possibility to present the work at an academic conference.

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