Attendant for Zoom app is a helpful virtual assistant for Zoom educators and professionals on iOS

Zoom app has been an instrumental tool in the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic to continue professional, social, and educational activities virtually. As the world waits for the vaccination to safely return to the old normal, Attendant for Zoom by Think Tap Work is a helpful educational tool to smoothly continue the educational process on Zoom. The app is available on iOS and iPadOS devices for free.

The ‘Attendant for Zoom’ app is Bradley Chamber’s recommendation of the week. Since 2009, Chambers has been working on the management and deployment of Macs and iPad for educational purposes.


Attendant for Zoom App on iOS

The app offers ‘single tap’ functionality to easily manage video meetings on Zoom. In the free version of the app, the host or co-host can use the Attendant app during a Zoom meeting from another device to perform the following actions:

  • Manage participants audio and video
    • Mute everyone except selected attendee
    • Turn off everyone’s camera except the selected attendee
    • Mute/unmute all participants and turn on/off all camera
  • Unmute and lower a hand
  • Get participants attendance
  • Manage participants video grid
  • Long press to look at a participant’s video


For $0.99 per month, or $5.99 per year, users can use additional actions like:

  • Automatically re-admit the reconnecting participants
  • Quickly mark the number of participants on each connection
  • Rename participants in the waiting room
  • Theme and icons and other features.

Attendant is a useful app for sectors that hold meetings with large participants like educators, trainers, companies, and others. Users can download the app for free from the iOS App Store for free. The Zoom app is this year’s most popular platform for virtual large meetings or social interaction, and now to have a managing tool to control participants’ will be helpful for the hosts.

A comprehensive guide to set up the Attendant app for Zoom sessions is coming soon. Let us know which other guides you will like.

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