New Battery Health feature for Apple’s M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air

Apple’s recent “Let Loose” event introduced the latest additions to its iPad lineup, the M4 iPad Pro and the M2 iPad Air. Among the many exciting features unveiled, one significant addition stands out: the Battery Health menu. This new feature, similar to the one found on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, offers valuable insights into the battery performance and longevity of these new iPads.

iPad Pro M4

Lithium-ion batteries, which power most modern electronic devices, including iPads, degrade over time. The Battery Health menu sheds light on this process, allowing users to:

  • View Maximum Capacity: This indicates the battery’s current capacity compared to its original capacity when new.
  • Track Charge Cycle Count: Helps users gauge their battery’s overall health by monitoring cycle count.

The Battery Health menu on the new iPads also introduces the 80% Charge Limit feature. This functionality, when enabled, automatically stops charging the iPad at 80% capacity. Research suggests that limiting charging cycles, particularly to higher percentages, can significantly extend battery lifespan.

While the inclusion of a Battery Health menu on the latest iPads is a welcome improvement, its current limitation to these models raises concerns. Many users with older iPads are left without access to this valuable information and optimization tools.

Apple has not yet officially commented on whether the Battery Health menu will be extended to older iPads in future iPadOS updates. However, considering the user demand for this feature, Apple may choose to make it more widely available in the future.

The seamless integration of the Battery Health menu into the iPadOS suggests Apple has implemented a system to directly access and interpret data from the battery management system (BMS) within the iPad. Transparency regarding technical aspects would be beneficial for users to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the Battery Health menu.

How to activate Battery Health

For users of the M2 iPad Air and the M4 iPad Pro, activating the Battery Health feature is simple:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  2. Tap on Battery.
  3. Select Battery Health from the menu.
    Toggle the switch next to 80% Limit to turn the feature on.

By following these steps, users can monitor their battery’s health, adjust charging habits, and ultimately prolong the lifespan of their iPad’s battery.

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