BeReal will soon let users share songs on the platform via Spotify integration

The social media app BeReal is working on officially integrating with Spotify to allow users to share songs on the platform. The integration is part of the platform’s larger effort to increase user appeal.


Social media app BeReal will soon support Spotify

In a new tweet, developer, and app analyst Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that BeReal has been working on Spotify integration. Users of the app will be able to quickly share the song they are listening to on Spotify with their BeReal followers once this feature is available. The feature is now being added to the app on both iOS and Android.


Paluzzi has already demonstrated where this integration would be on an Android smartphone. There will be a music selection under the Memories tab under Settings. Users will be able to sign in to their Spotify account there. As a result, the app will recognize the song when you start recording your BeReal.

The feature will function with Spotify podcasts in addition to tracks. When a user is taking a BeReal while listening to music or a podcast, the app will automatically identify the content and add a link to it.

Listen to music or podcasts when you take your BeReal to share it with your friends

Though the exact release date of this feature is unknown, it appears that it won’t be long because Paluzzi was able to demonstrate screenshots of it in use. In addition, it is unclear whether the app will support additional music streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.

Named iPhone App of the Year by Apple in 2022, BeReal is touted as a “new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life.” Every day at a different time, users are given a two-minute window to capture and post a picture of what they are currently doing.

Users can respond to and comment on their friends’ posts as well as view their friends’ locations. Users can also access their archive of posts using the Memories page, and the app will summarise them all at the end of the year.

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