Bing search engine officially announced by Microsoft

Microsoft Bing

Bing has been officially announced by Microsoft at D7 today. isn’t working yet, as it’ll begin to roll out over the coming days and fully deployed worldwide on the 3rd of June. A lot of research has been done by Microsoft to come with Bing and improvements in search. Some of the new features in Bing are:

  • Best Match where the best answer is surfaced and called out
  • Deep Links allowing more insight into what resources a particular site has to offer
  • Quick Preview a hover-over window that expands over a search result caption to provide a better sense of the related site’s relevancy.
  • One-click access to information through Instant Answers.
  • Explore Pane a dynamically relevant set of navigation and search tools on the left side of the page
  • Web Groups which groups results in intuitive ways both on the Explore Pane and in the actual results
  • Related Searches and Quick Tabs which is essentially a table of contents for different categories of search results.
  • Bing Decision Engine for assistance in decision-making
  • Rate Key compares the location, price, and amenities of multiple hotels and provides a color-coded key of the best values
  • Price Predictor actually helps consumers decide when to buy an airline ticket in order to get the lowest prices.

It is too early to predict whether Bing will pose any real threat to Google. The Mountain View giant revolutionized the Internet search engine and has been innovating on this front since a long time. However, knowing Google, they would be watching Bing very closely and making sure that they stay at least a few step ahead of Bing, no matter how good it is.

Will Bing end up being a verb like Google? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  2. One of the great feature of bing is auto compete feature, which is similar to Google, though being a blogger I would like to see some quality result from
    Bing rather then people who game SEO and come at the the top of Google Search result. Lets hope for something new and useful this time from Microsoft

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