Bing’s slow and steady market share increase against Google

image Bing seems to have made quiet an impact ever since it was launched. The recent deal between Microsoft and Yahoo will further strengthen Bing’s position and market share down the road. But currently, it’s making tiny but meaningful inroads into Google’s market share.

As LiveSide points out, Stat Counter, a web analytics service for websites, shows an increase in the US market share for Bing from 8.23% in June to 9.41% in July while Google has gone down from 78.48% in June to 77.54% in July. Internationally, the market share only has a minor drop from 89.80% in June to 89.23% in July.

While, it’s difficult to judge on the market share based on a single service’s stats alone, it does show a sign of current happenings. Bing has certainly made an impact so far in the web search arena and keeps improving day by day. Only time will tell if it will do to Google what Firefox has done to Internet Explorer. Only in this competition though, there’s no browser that lacks standards. :)

Do you think Bing will gain more market share against Google in the near future?

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  1. Well… it is a little slow progress but there is progress which is good. I dont think Bing will actually challenge Google for their superiority, but they might get a quite a substantial share of search.

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