Unpacking pictures of iPod Touch 8GB

I recently got a new iPod Touch 8GB (you probably know that if you follow me on Twitter ;) ), thanks to this blog. :) This is the reason for my lack of activity around here since the past couple of days, along with studies and sleep. A lot of people were shocked that I gave up to the dark side and got an Apple product! Most people are unaware that I’ve always liked the iPhone and iPod Touch. Really, who doesn’t?

Anyhow, expect to see a lot more posts about the iPod Touch and apps for it. Although I’m not sure if you guys would like that, so I think I should make a poll for it. I’ve finally been able to upload some pictures I took with my cell phone’s camera, which is evident as the picture quality isn’t too good. But, anyways it’s better than nothing! Enjoy the pictures below:

(Clicking on the images will enlarge them unless something has gone wrong with my host, WordPress, MySQL or just the Internet.)

iPod Touch (2)

That’s the package. That’s it. Yup. It’s not on, though, that’s just a sticker.

iPod Touch (3)

“Even the back of the package is better than the front of competitor’s packages”, El Jobso

iPod Touch (4)

“Side view”, El Jobso

iPod Touch (5)

That’s the cover opened. I actually was pleased to see the sticker that kept the cover in place. It’s not noticeable apart from the image on it which shows ‘pull here’.

iPod Touch (6)

“Boom! Another view”, El Jobso

iPod Touch (7)

Pulling the sticker which might make you think that the iPod Touch is powered on. No, I didn’t think that! Honestly!

iPod Touch (8)

And out comes the powered off beauty itself.

iPod Touch (9)

  Almost there!

iPod Touch (11) Side by side.

iPod Touch (12) Fact: Did you know that iPods and iPhones are manufactured in China?

iPod Touch (13) That’s the Quick Start guide along with the product information underneath and stickers. Mostly useless, though.

iPod Touch (14) That’s the black cleaning cloth and the dock adapter. The cloth is really useful coz the iPod Touch is a fingerprint magnet.

iPod Touch (15) The headphones. No mic in them. Having to buy a separate accessory to Skype? #FAIL iPod Touch (16)

The USB 2.0 cable.

iPod Touch (18) That’s the cloth again.

iPod Touch (19) “It’s really thin. Really, really thin.”, El Jobso

iPod Touch (20)

“Again, you can see that it’s thin. Just amazing.”, El Jobso

iPod Touch (1)

My personal favorite line from Steve Jobs or El Jobso if you may:

“The back of this is better than the front of its competitors.”

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  1. Oh that’s shiny shiny …. tasty Apple :D
    Congrats on that buddy
    My iPhone doesn’t shine like your iPod but I love it a lot :)

  2. Wow! Nicely done on describing us what you did here. Such pretty awesome images and lovable describing words/phrases used. Can you try it on iPad?

  3. I just love iPod. It makes me shiver everytime I listen to my playlists. With an 8G iPod, “Magic” happens. Can’t imagine when I can Stop using it.

  4. There is only very few items left in this world that are not made in China!  I have had many sad experiences with products made in China.  So I really wonder how the actual production in not-so-quality conscious places can align with superior design done in more quality – conscious places.

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