New pictures of the Zune HD emerge

Zune HD Newer pictures of the Zune HD have been emerged, thanks to a Zune MVP on Twitter. The pictures were apparently removed in fear of NDA as said by the source but he was smart enough to download them :). The pictures don’t show much new though, so if you’re hoping to see any apps, games or even the browser in action, you’ll be disappointed. But, the images show a sexy black Zune HD that you can and will fall in love with at first sight! Also, they show the HD Radio UI as well as some eye candy album art navigation. Enjoy the pictures below!

Update: You can find 2 new Zune HD hands on videos from GDGT Party here.

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  2. I own a Zune that is about 4 years old, ancient in electronics. It runs well and I really do like it. Here is why the Zune is not popular in my belief. Its the heavy bulky name! When people ask what is that and you have to say Zune, they go what? I end up calling it Microsofts answer to the IPOD. I mean even ZUME would have been easier to say and more people wold talk about it. An M-Zune wold have been easier to say

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