BitTorrent introduces new apps for iOS and Apple TV

The key to infinite entertainment is now coming to the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV with torrent giant, BitTorrent introducing its new BitTorrent Now app. The app will act like current streaming services, offering users the ability to stream a collection of independent and not-so-popular media. It won’t let you access the near infinite illegal torrents content available from various torrent sites around the web. You only have access to the legal content, both paid and free.

BitTorrent Now uses its Bundle format that forces users to sign in or pay for their content while the peer-to-peer tech is clearly left out, at least for now. All content at the moment streams directly from BitTorrents serves to the user. The move seems to take the spotlight away from BitTorrent being associated with illegal downloads and is trying to replace it with an environment where artists can share their work.

BitTorrent introduces new apps for iOS and Apple TV

However, Bundles do give creators a lot more control over who consumes their content and how it is being shared.

So why should you opt for using BitTorrent Now when we already have SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo or even Facebook? The guys at BitTorrent say that their uniqueness comes from the fact that you can upload content in any format whatsoever, including VR content. We are not sure if that is enough of a reason for users to move over from the likes of YouTube or Vimeo since they also support all video formats. And for consumers, the video format makes no different nowadays since the streams are all standards based and work across different platforms and devices. YouTube also supports the latest content formats which include VR, 3D and 4K videos.

You can check out BitTorrent Now on the web. An app is already available for Android while iOS and Apple TV apps are just around the corner.

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