i.dime Kickstarter project is an iPhone case with upto 256GB expandable storage

A new Kickstarter project has introduced a dime-shaped magnetic storage device called i.dime, for iPhone. i.dime is designed to expand an iPhone’s storage by providing additional space to store pictures, videos and more via a case with a lightning connector.

i.dime is available in four capacities; 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Every standard i.dime is shipped with standard USB, Micro USB, and Lightning dongles. With the app, you can effectively manage your files on iOS by saving photos directly to i.dime. The app can also backup iOS content to i.dime including videos/ music and documents of multiple formats.

Sharing and transferring data is quick and hassle free. Once you are ready to share your day’s photos/ videos, all you have to do is detach i.dime and place it on the provided USB holder. It can then be plugged into the USB port on your computer and you can conveniently transfer your data at high speeds (95MB/s read and 90MB/s write).

i.dime is very modular and along with the optional micro USB and Lightning dongles, it can be ordered with any of the following accessories for additional cost:

  • An external battery which can be used as a charging dock and a portable battery. The Battery charges quickly and allows you to sync and charge the iPhone at the same time. Price starts from $87 for 32GB i.dime + external battery.
  • A keychain holder which lets you carry two i.dimes and two types of dongles. Costs an additional $9.

Price for i.dime ranges from 48 to 308 dollar depending on your choice of capacity and accessories. Shipping will begin in November for early backers. It is an excellent solution, especially for 16GB iPhone users.

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