Blog Marketing: Different Unique Ways To Do It

We’re all seeking traffic for our website, blog or startup in one way or the other. Blog marketing on different advertisement networks is common but there are some unique methods which can be best described as out of the box thinking to market your product. And when I say out of the box, I mean way, way far from the box. Although, I can’t vouch for their effectiveness, but since they all involve females in one way or the other, it’s hard for them to fail.

Blog Marketing 2.0

Before, you really think of spending bucks on these forms of marketing, I would suggest you to contact their previous clients and find out how much did they benefit from them. A little homework would be good before going all out in a new territory.


Jenae, the 20 year ‘Girl’ in the GirlinYourShirt, wears you website, or blog’s shirt for a  whole day. Blog Marketing: Different Unique Ways To Do ItShe’ll dedicate a whole episode of her show to your brand. You can send her swag, which she’ll show in the 5 minute video and also put up as give aways on the live show. Jenae will also advertise your brand on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Viddler and Seesmic. And before you think of saying anything bad or evil about this idea of using female sexuality as a method of advertising brands, no it’s not. Jenae wont wear tanktops but focuses on advertising on your brand. So it’s not about skin.

The pricing for GirlinYourShirt ranges from $199 to $399.

Drama 2.0’s Sex Your Startup (NSFW)

Blog Marketing: Different Unique Ways To Do It Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Drama 2.0 says:

One woman aged 18-25 will shake to a thumping beat while wearing your outfit, commanding attention for your brand that is hard to beat.

Your video will be uploaded to popular video sharing websites. Judging from the number of views this shaker has generated, taking a bottom-up approach is probably more sensible than Jenae’s top-down approach.

And for the other part of this deal, they will make an adult movie for you.

If you’re looking to build an edgy brand, there’s nothing edgier than a little product placement in an adult video.

My crew, with your creative input, will film a scene that integrates your brand into the action. If you’ve ever dreamed of customers screaming your company name from the top of their lungs, here’s your opportunity and then some.

The cost for the first deal is $1500, and the second deal starts at $3,500 depending on number of participants and ‘creative requirements’.

Leora Zellman

Leora Zellman realized that her behind was stared a lot at various tech events that she attended, so she thought she’ll benefit all from the looks of perverted eyes in these tech events. She put up different areas/parts of her body up for advertisement with different prices for each at a minimum of 2 hours for order. She also threw in this nifty add on:

On orders totaling over $100 I’ll also put your logo and a link up on my sidebar for the month of June. You’ll also get a picture of me wearing your logo and I’ll be blogging a little blurb about each advertiser.

Blog Marketing: Different Unique Ways To Do It


Gary realized that he had a lot of advertisement space available on his tie ( how huge is his tie ? ), so he put that up for ad placement. His tie is a perfect place to advertise your brand, as it’ll be seen easily by movers and shakers, he claims. As Center Networks points out, the revenue generated from the ads will be donated to CityHarvest by Gary.

Blog Marketing: Different Unique Ways To Do It

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