Browser Usage of iPad is more than Android and iPod touch

Three months ago Apple launched their revolutionary device the iPad. Millions of people waited for hours to get their iPad and the wait was worth it. Some people were saying that iPad is just an extended version of iPod touch but those who have an iPad know that it is different and better. The browsing experience of the iPad is better than any other device and that’s why stats show that iPad browsing usage is more than Apple’s own iPod touch and it is even more then Android.


Apple has sold more than three million iPads in three months and this figure clearly shows how popular this device is. The browser usage of the iPad is increasing day by day , and stats show that the 0.17% of web traffic is now from iPad. Among all the Android devices web traffic is of 0.14% and iPod touch has a percentage of 0.12%. The browser usage of iPod touch has surely been affected with the introduction of iPad but the figure of Android is nearly the same. iPhone is still used for browsing more then all these devices which is about 1%. Still the stats of iPad are pretty impressive looking at the fact that it was launched just three months ago and we are sure with time these stats will improve.

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