Weird bug prevents M1 Mac users from downloading iOS applications

Apple’s latest M1 Macs with Apple Silicon represent the very first generation of its kind. Therefore, there is still a lot to improve, change and fix in order for Apple’s ecosystem to work seamlessly with its new line of processors. This is why bugs are to be expected in a machine that has a new processer. The latest bug M1 Mac users are experiencing prevents them from downloading compatible iOS apps.

With the introduction of Apple silicon, Apple brought support for iOS and iPadOS apps to Mac if developers choose to make them available for download. Apple recently started blocking the ability to sideload iPhone and iPad apps on Apple Silicon M1 Macs, but those restrictions should only be applicable to apps that are not officially available on Mac through the App Store.

Weird bug prevents M1 Mac users from downloading iOS applications

A weird bug prevents M1 Mac users from downloading iOS applications

To help combat the shortage of native applications for the Apple Silicon platform, Apple allows M1 Mac users to download and install iOS apps to their machines. Though this feature has been helpful to users, it seems that a small number of users are experiencing a bug that prevents them from downloading iOS apps from the Mac App Store.

According to the users who have been experiencing the bug, it seems that when they try to download an iOS app via the Mac App Store, they can see the spinning icon animation, indicating some background processing, but nothing happens. Since this bug was not present before the latest macOS update, there may be a correlation between the two things.

Anyone having issues download iOS apps on M1 Macs? from mac

One user claimed that they had contacted Apple Support who told them they were unaware of this problem and that it has been escalated. Unfortunately, there is no known solution for this bug as of now. However, now that users have been reaching out to Apple, we should expect a fix soon.

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