Porsche announces new CarPlay experience with climate controls and more

The new My Porsche app update will allow owners to access vehicle functions like climate controls and interior lighting settings directly from their infotainment system through CarPlay. 

Porsche announce new CarPlay experience with climate controls and more

Porsches upgrades the CarPlay experience with a new interface, Siri support, and more

Porsche has unveiled a revamped CarPlay experience for its vehicles, allowing owners to control things like climate settings, ambient lighting, and audio preferences via the CarPlay infotainment screen. The new CarPlay experience for the My Porsche app features several new and improved features, including the following:

  • Control of vehicle functions: Drivers can control a variety of vehicle functions from within CarPlay, including audio settings, climate control, and ambient lighting.
  • Integration of Porsche’s wellness modes: Drivers can select from a variety of pre-configured wellness modes, which combine climate control, audio, and ambient lighting to create a personalized driving environment.
  • Support for Siri voice commands: Drivers can use Siri’s voice commands to control CarPlay, making it easy to change music, get directions, and more.
  • Seamless integration with the My Porsche app: The My Porsche app is seamlessly integrated with CarPlay, so drivers can access all of the app’s features from within CarPlay.

Porsche announce new CarPlay experience with climate controls and more

New CarPlay experience key features in the My Porsche app

Here are some of the key features of the new CarPlay experience:

  • Climate control: Users can control the temperature, fan speed, and other settings for the car’s climate control system.
  • Ambient lighting: Users can adjust the color and brightness of the car’s ambient lighting.
    Audio preferences: Users can select their favorite radio stations, podcasts, and music playlists.
  • Wellness modes: Users can create custom wellness modes that adjust the car’s climate control, ambient lighting, and audio settings to create a relaxing or invigorating driving experience.
  • Quick actions: Users can access frequently used vehicle functions with a single tap.

How Porsche owners can use the new CarPlay experience

To use the new CarPlay experience, Porsche owners will need to download the latest version of the My Porsche app on their iPhones. Once the app is installed, they will need to connect their iPhone to their car’s infotainment system using a USB cable. After the devices are connected, the My Porsche app will be displayed on the CarPlay screen.

Porsche announce new CarPlay experience with climate controls and more


The new experience is made possible through a partnership with Porsche’s “My Porsche” app, which is available on the App Store. The new CarPlay experience is available now in select Porsche models, with plans to roll it out to other models in the coming months.

The new CarPlay experience is a significant improvement over the previous version, and it offers a more seamless and integrated way to control the car’s features. Porsche owners, we encourage you to try out the new CarPlay experience and see how it can improve your driving experience.

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