Netflix Profile Transfer now supports transfer to existing accounts, here is how

The Netflix Profile Transfer feature has been updated to support profile transfers to existing Netflix accounts.

Netflix profile transfer

To crack down on password borrowers, Netflix introduced new verification measures to ensure that a Netflix account was shared by freeloaders like using IP addresses, device IDs, blocking unknown locations, and others. 

The video streamer also launched the Netflix Profile Transfer for people sharing an account to easily create their own account and transfer their Netflix settings like view history, personalized recommendations, saved content/games, and more to the new account.

Here is how to use Netflix Profile Transfer to transfer a profile to an existing account

Previously, users could only use Netflix Profile Transfer to transfer their profile to a new account. Now, a new “An existing account” option is added to the Netflix Profile Transfer process. Here is how you can use it when the Profile Transfer option is available on your account:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account and open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select the “Transfer Profile” option.Netflix Profile Transfer
  3. Select the profile you want to transfer and click on “Start Profile Transfer”.Netflix Profile Transfer
  4. Choose “An existing account” and click Next.Netflix Profile Transfer
  5. Type in the email address and the password to sign in to the existing account you are transferring to and click on Next.Netflix Profile Transfer
  6. In the next window, review the profile transfer information and click on the “Transfer Profile” option to complete the process. Confirmation emails will be sent to both accounts, leaving and joining.Netflix Profile Transfer

The company states that changes in their location or life will not change their Netflix experience. 

The profile transfer feature has been updated to allow transfers to an existing account (instead of requiring a new account).

No matter what’s going on, let your Netflix profile be a constant in a life full of changes so you can sit back, relax and continue watching right from where you left off.

Such measures are likely to improve Netflix’s revenue drain because of password sharing. The company has also launched a cheaper ad-supported tier, Netflix Basic with Ads for $3.99 per month. The service was upgraded with support for 1080p resolution and up to 2 streams at no additional cost

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