CARROT Weather is coming to Apple Vision Pro with snarky forecasts and a new interactive 3D globe

On February 2nd, Apple Vision Pro is set to launch, and one of the apps expected to undergo a remarkable transformation is CARROT Weather. Known for its witty weather forecasts and accurate predictions, CARROT is all set to take the AR/VR world by storm with its latest feature – an interactive 3D globe.

CARROT Weather Vision Pro

CARROT Weather’s 3D globe reimagines weather exploration

This 3D globe promises to revolutionize your weather exploration experience. With this globe, users can view detailed weather forecasts and animations on a miniature Earth that pulsates with vibrant weather animations.

Users can zoom in and rotate the globe to view specific regions and observe the intricate dance of clouds, wind, and precipitation in stunning detail. The global control methods are not yet known, but it is expected that they will be intuitive, possibly through hand gestures or voice commands.

CARROT Weather

Beyond the 3D globe: Possible expansion.

CARROT Weather‘s 3D globe is just the beginning of this exciting weather exploration experience. There are whispers of additional functionalities that will enhance the user’s experience. For instance, personalized weather alerts may pop up directly in the user’s field of vision to keep them prepared for any sudden weather changes.

Overlays will display relevant details such as wind speed and humidity, providing a comprehensive picture of the environment around them. Augmented reality (AR) elements may also be incorporated, allowing users to experience localized wind effects and projections of rain animations on their living room floor.

A new way of Weather exploration

CARROT’s foray into AR/VR signifies a potential paradigm shift in weather forecasting. This unique collaboration between humor, accuracy, and cutting-edge technology creates a platform for immersive exploration and engagement with the ever-changing face of weather.

The release date for CARROT Weather on Apple Vision Pro is February 2nd. Get ready to witness the exciting evolution of weather exploration that may reshape how we experience and interact with the fascinating world of weather.

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