How to mirror or cast iPhone screen to Chromecast TV or Android TV

Here is how you can mirror or cast iPhone screen to Chromecast TV, Android TV, or Fire TV with just a few steps.

The best advantage of using an iPhone is its ecosystem. Having an Apple TV makes it easy to easily AirPlay photos, videos, and your iPhone or iPad display to a big television screen. However, not everyone is deeply committed to using the same devices from a company – some of us like to mix and match products, based on which one provides the best value. While this causes issues with compatibility, luckily there are developers out there like Replica, that allow devices from different companies to work with each other.

Replica cast iphone screen to chromecast

Cast iPhone screen to Chromecast TV or Android TV

Replica allows you to cast iPhone screen to Chromecast TV, Android TV, or Fire TV. The app is extremely simple to use and utilizes the screen recording API in iOS to mirror your display to your TV. Anything that you can see on your iPhone or iPad display, such as browser, messaging apps, social media apps, and so on, can be mirrored to your Chromecast connected TV.

To use the app, simply download it, connect it to your streaming device such as Chromecast or Android TV, and start mirroring. You can optionally change settings like volume, quality, etc.

Replica cast iPhone screen to Chromecast TV

Here is the list of complete features available in Replica:

  • Smart mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to TV effortlessly with a user-friendly interface
  • Simple two-step setup process to start watching your favorite videos and photos
  • Stream or cast photos and videos in HD quality
  • Cast web videos to TV
  • Low latency

The developer behind Replica has been working hard on adding new features, and with the new version 2.7 update, users can customize the app, rotate their device, and use their TV as an intercom, speaker, or just for images.

  • Adds mode control: You can now use the TV as an intercom, speaker, or only send images
  • Adds app color customization
  • Adds auto mode to fill the screen when rotating the device
  • Adds notification to restart the session more easily
  • Improves Turkish translations
  • Bug fixes and improvements

We have tried and tested many different apps available in the App Store, but none have been able to match the performance and functionality offered by Replica. The app is available for free in the App Store, while a subscription costs $19.99 per year. The subscription gets rids of ads and watermark, allow control for aspect ratio, and supports HD quality.

Have you tried Replica to cast iPhone screen to Chromecast or Android TV? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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