ChatGPT rolls out voice chat feature for free to all iOS and Android users

In a groundbreaking move, OpenAI has made voice conversations with ChatGPT available to all users, regardless of their subscription status. This significant update marks a major leap in democratizing artificial intelligence, enabling users to interact with ChatGPT through seamless voice interactions on the mobile app.


OpenAI introduces five distinct voices for ChatGPT voice conversations

OpenAI initially introduced the voice feature in September, limiting it to Plus and Enterprise subscribers. However, in a recent announcement, Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s co-founder, declared that the feature is now open to everyone. Users can simply download the latest version of the ChatGPT app on Android or iOS and unlock the voice chat capability, expanding the reach of AI-powered conversations.

To personalize the conversational experience, users can choose from five distinct voices, each meticulously crafted in collaboration with professional voice actors. The voices, named Jennifer, Ember, Cove, Sky, and Breeze, add a human touch to AI interactions, making them more engaging and natural.

ChatGPT voice

How does voice chat work on ChatGPT?

Initiating voice conversations is as simple as tapping the headphone icon in the ChatGPT app. This instantly opens up a dynamic and natural dialogue with the chatbot, allowing users to converse with AI in a familiar and intuitive way. While the app automatically detects the language, specifying the preferred language in the app’s settings ensures more accurate language detection, enhancing the overall experience.

The voice feature is powered by a sophisticated text-to-speech model that can generate human-like audio from text and a few seconds of sample speech. OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition system, Whisper, plays a crucial role in transcribing spoken words into text, enabling seamless conversations. Importantly, voice transcriptions are stored in the user’s history, ensuring a personalized and consistent experience across sessions.

Recent challenges faced by OpenAI

This significant enhancement marks a milestone in OpenAI’s journey towards democratizing AI. Despite facing challenges such as leadership changes and a major global outage on November 21, OpenAI remains committed to transparency and continuous improvement. The company has pledged a detailed analysis of the outage and is implementing measures to prevent future disruptions, demonstrating its dedication to providing a reliable and accessible AI experience for all.

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