Chinese iPad knockoff released – runs Windows 7

iPad was launched in the U.S. just a few weeks ago and it may not be launched internationally till early part of May. But it did not take much time for China to launch their version of the iPad .Currently this knockoff version of iPad is available in the city of Shenzhen, which is near to the border of Hong Kong.

iPad clone

The shape of this ‘iPad’ is not like the real iPad but more like an iPhone although larger in size. Its screen size is about 10 inches and it runs Windows 7. The price difference between the original iPad and this Chinese iPad is $90 as this clone is available for $410. So, the price difference is not enough to attract customers. But still some people would buy this to save $90 and some because it has Windows 7 in it.

Apart from this it has three USB ports in it and definitely because of Windows  it would support all the video formats but still it wont have amazing apps like iPad. Lin, seller of these iPad clones mentioned.

This is just the first rough version. Eventually, the factories will be able to make a much better copy.

This iPad clone may interest a lot of customers in China but not else where. iPad offers much more than a tablet running Windows in terms of user experience, based on which it sold so well since launch.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. ”This iPad clone may interest a lot of customers in China but not else where. iPad offers much more than a tablet running Windows in terms of user experience, based on which it sold so well since launch.”

    You seem to be guessing here, it just might attrack buyers outside of China. Also there are people who would never buy anything from some rotten fruit company which has a Fascist/Dictator running it who thinks he still owns the product the consumer buys and can tell the consumer what they can and cannot do with it.

  2. Hmmm…let me see. Pay almost 25% more for and ipad that has a crippled OS to make you buy exclusively from Apple, and you can only buy applications that Apple wants you to have.

    On the other hand, buy a touch screen netbook at a reduced price that runs an operating system that allows the owner to choose from almost unlimited apps.

    I see the ipad as nothing more than a cripple touchscreen netbook. Yes, I have had one in my hands and it is indeed “sexy”. Having said that, I am tired of Apple selling image without offering more in substance.

    Good on the clone boys – maybe it will force a change in Apple’s approach.

    1. Have you ever tried using the iPhone clone and noticed its touch , the touch is of these clones is no way near to the iPad and if you want to use Windows than why don’t you buy a 300$ net-book.

      1. I guess the question is why buy the ipad? For the features? Nope. For the price? Nope. For the design? Maybe for some.

        The iphone/touch were really the first in their respective categories for specific use and then through 3rd party development, became more than “just an mp3” device or “just a phone”.

        In the case of the ipad, what is it supposed to be? An oversided touch? overside phone? netbook? I think by it’s design and size many people are thinking they can use it as a netbook. I have been at a few meetings where the “toy” gets pulled out and the owner then proceeds to say it looks sweet but really doesn’t offer the functionality they thought they were buying.

        I guess time will tell what happens; but Apple has not changed its stance they have always had from the beginning – our hardware / our software. Period.

        Shame…but that is another discussion…

  3. These things sell like crazy in the Philippines and India because most imported electronics that come to the country legally are taxed 100%. But in the Phils. they just pay someone to turn their head and the next thing you know there are thousands of these things being sold all over the place. They are as prolific as Pirated DVDs.

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