Chipolo Card Spot tracker comes with Find My network support for iOS

A third-party tracker, Chipolo Card Spot now offers Find My network support for iPhone users to easily locate their physical wallets.

Primarily designed for wallets, Chipolo Card Spot is a thin rectangular-shaped tracker which allows users to locate their wallets via the Find My app. But the tracker can also be placed in handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, and other valuable belongings to prevent misplacing them. 

Chipolo Card Spot

Chipolo Card Spot offers all the tracking and anti-stalking features available on the Find My network for Apple devices 

In April 2021, Apple updated the Find My app to allow third-party products to use the private and secure tracking capabilities of its vast Find My network starting with products from Chipolo, Belkin, and others.  

The Find My network accessory program opens up the vast and global Find My network to third-party device manufacturers to build products utilizing the service, so their customers can use the Find My app to locate and keep track of the important items in their lives. 

Chipolo Card Spot

The new Chipolo Card Spot is only 0.9-inches wide, plays sounds up to 105bd, is water-resistant, and long battery life ( a single charge can last up to 2 years). And more importantly, it comes with all the locating and anti-stalking features of AirTag

  • Plays sound to locate 
  • The location is marked on the Find My map 
  • Receive a notification when the tracker is left behind 
  • Receive safety alerts when an unknown Chipolo Card Spot is detected 
  • Chipolo Card Spot’s location is not shared with Apple and Chipolo

Chipolo Card Spot

Apple is usually accused of anti-competitive behavior by competitors like Tile. But by expanding Find My network support to third-party developers will likely weaken those antitrust claims. 

Users can pre-order their Card Spot tracker from for $39.5 or €35.00.

“Chipolo CARD Spot fits to your wallet without adding any extra bulk and helps you find it through the Apple Find My network. Hundreds of millions of friends can now help you find your missing wallet.”

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