Chromecast 2 features leaked. Improved WiFi, Fast Play and more

Google’s Chromecast is getting a 2nd generation update soon and all the specifications have been leaked via 9to5Google. New features include a new look, faster Wi-Fi, content feeds, Chromecast Audio and much more.

Google Chromecast 2

As per 9to5Google, the following new features are expected:

  • Faster Wi-Fi which should result in faster content streaming. Chromecast 2 would support 802.11ac, which is the fastest Wi-Fi standard at the moment. It should also work great with Google OnHub which also supports the latest Wi-Fi standards and is focused on ensuring the best performance for media streaming.
  • Feeds on the home screen. Currently, users can set photo slideshows and the likes on their home screen, kind of like screensavers. New feeds could potentially allow content from social media, news or other sources to show on the home screen.
  • Fast Play. Not much is know about this apart from that it will allow faster content playback. Coupled with faster Wi-Fi, this might be an enhancement to the Cast button. Google started with DIAL protocol when Chromecast was rolled out and later moved to their own implementation. This might be another revision to the protocol for increased performance.
  • Chromecast Audio which should allow the device to connect to sound systems through an auxiliary cable. This will make it compatible with every sound system out there rather than restricting users to buying only supported speakers. Also, since it will be directly connected to the speakers, audio quality should be very good.
  • Spotify support in Chromecast app for iOS and Android. This will work with the first generation Chromecast too.
  • Same price of $35.00 is expected for Chromecast 2, which would simply be known as new Chromecast.

The rumoured new Chromecast is expected to be announced at Google’s September 29 event, where it will also unveil the next generation Nexus devices.

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