Close your MacBook Lid Without Putting it to Sleep with NoSleep

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If you’re a regular MacBook user like us, you must have noticed that at times you want to leave some process such as downloads open and keep the notebook lid closed. Unfortunately, when you close the lid on your MacBook, the default action is that it goes to sleep. Apple doesn’t even provide a way to change this behaviour and while the sleep/wake up times are extremely fast, specially on MacBook Air, it stops whatever downloads or activity that was going on.

There are a few apps that help you change this behaviour such as Caffeine but our favourite is the new NoSleep app. It’s extremely simple to use and sits in the menu bar. It adds itself as a system preference as well. You’re presented with 2 simple options – to never let the MacBook sleep when charging or when it’s on battery. Both options can also be selected. NoSleep can also be setup to start on system startup if required.

NoSleep is a free app and can be downloaded from here. It’s not available in the App Store so you might need to check your GateKeeper preferences on Mountain Lion before installation.

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