Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Update Revealed – It’s Going To Be A Huge Update!

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machines

We had covered the Blood Brothers update on Team Fortress 2 website yesterday. Valve has just released more information on this update, which would be called Mann vs Machine, which confirms that we will be fighting against robots in a Co-Op mode. Day 1 of this update went live today with new details for the Machines. We are all excited for Mann vs Machine, as it seems to be one of biggest updates in the history of Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine

As the story goes, Gray Mann, the third son of Zepheniah Mann has built a robot army, which users would have to fight against in the Co-Op mode. Valve have given us an insight of what we will be fighting against and it looks pretty good. Valve has added bombs, lighting fast robots and much more

A new map has been added called Mannworks. In this map, there will be a bomb that will be given to the Machines and they will have push it in pay load maps fashion. But with each stage the bomb reaches, the Machines will gain new abilities such as defensive buff at stage 1, health regeneration at stage 2 and full crits at all times in the final stage. Through the Co-Op mode, both Red and Blu teams will align together to stop them but from the looks of it, it wouldn’t be easy.

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Mannworks

Valve has also provided details on the Machine characters. There are 2 types of heavies, medics and snipers as well as a scout and demoman. Most of the robots are irritating in what they do, as if a human player would do it, they would most likely get kicked out of the server out of annoyance. Then, there are giants who move slowly but don’t take much damage, but do a lot of damage thanks to huge weapons. Finally, there’s a new boss in this update which is about to be revealed in the upcoming days.

Check out the awesome video that Valve has released for this update:


We will keep you updated through out this event. Day 2 (Mercs) and Day 3 (Bounty) are yet to come and there are just 48 hours and less left for the robots to march towards the Mann Co. store.

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