Create your own Emojis with MojiMaker app for iOS

If standards emojis are not adequate to express your thoughts or feelings, worry no more. MojiMaker app lets you create personalized emojis to make chats entertaining and expressive. The app offers a vast library of humorous designs to choose from and lets you create an unlimited number of emojis by combining them in the emoji builder. 

Create your own Emojis with MojiMaker app for iOS

MojiMaker provides high-definition graphics, and customization features such as pinch to resize, move, layer, rotate and more to create emojis suitable to all situations, thoughts, and feelings. The versatile design gallery includes faces, facial features, body parts, objects, masks and accessories to create a personalized emoji. Even after creating an emoji, you can go back and re-edit it. The design gallery is regularly updated with new content.

Sync the MojiMaker app with your keyboard to easily access your creations in chats. Save the emojis in your gallery, and send them as emoji or stickers via most messaging apps. The app was recently updated to provide better graphics and fixed minor tweaks.

Although MojiMaker is a great app to make customized emoji keyboard, there are a number of limitations.

  • Unlike iOS 9’s standard size emojis, MojiMaker emojis are larger in size which feels as if you are sending a picture rather than an emoji. And due to the large size of emojis, sometimes parts of the emoji get cut off.
  • The faces are only available in yellow color and there are no bodies available with the faces.
  • The size of head and base can not be changed.
  • Emojis saved in the gallery are unorganized, which makes it difficult and time-consuming to locate and use them.
  • Object-based emojis like piano, car, hearts and more, can not be created. All the created emojis are of faces.
  • Multiple objects can not be used in an emoji like two noses.
  • Unlike standard emojis, MojiMaker emojis are only copied to user’s clipboard and you require another app to use them.

There are other apps like Bitmoji which offer similar functionality for free. But if you still want to try it, MojiMaker is available in the App Store for $0.99 and requires iOS 8.0 and later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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