Custom Firmware 3.66 (CFW) For PlayStation 3 Running On Slim & Phat Models [VIDEO]

A Spanish hacker has released a video showing custom firmware running on a Retail PS3 Slim or Phat.

Running custom firmware sounds promising, however at this stage there isn’t much this firmware can do. At the moment, this is just a demo to show what is possible. It is not yet possible to run homebrew applications or any back up support. This method will also loose your current jailbreak, and you will be upgraded to firmware 3.66 and the only way to downgrade would be InFeCtuS. Watch the video embedded below to view the live action!

Playstation 3

The features and cautions are as follows:

  • Only users in 3.55 (no matter if CFW or OFW)
  • No turning back, pass over to 3.66 with all that that entails. Only you can downgrade to INFECTUS (dospiedras method).
  • No syscalls / payloads … so that the burden of copies is disabled. For what is agreed is a firmware guy … GeoHot.
  • The installed on 3.55 homebrew will stop working.
  • No package installer (for now).
  • Full access to PSN.
  • Works on both Fat and Slim (as shown in the video), no tricks hardware and could suggest a user in the comments.
  • The PUP can be downloaded by visiting this site, however we highly recommend novice users not to try this, unless you are aware of what you’re doing. iTD cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your system due to this PUP.