Dell to bring smartphones to US in 2010


Dell has been widely known for its high quality computer systems. But lately it has been observed that Dell has started to enter the smartphone market. Infact you may already know that Dell introduced its first smartphone  Mini 3i in China in partnership with China  Unicom. Then there were news of Dell developing an  Android phone for AT&T. Well that news is now official, as the CEO and founder of Dell, Michael Dell himself has confirmed Dell’s plan to bring smartphones to the US market.

While talking to a reporter, Dell Founder revealed that his company plans to bring an Android powered mobile phone to USA in the early part of 2010. While talking to Wall Street Journal’s Don Clark, Dell expressed his voice regarding the mobile phone business and said:

The Internet in your pocket … and new platforms that are coming out are pretty interesting. Some of them resemble things that we’re pretty familiar with, in terms of open systems and the ability to compete in an open ecosystem.I think you’ll begin to see us show up there, gradually.

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